WMC - Water Treatment Consultants

WMC is an authorized GE Water distributor. We offer a comprehensive approach to water treatment through various service programs and water treatment chemicals. We are actively involved with many HVAC engineering companies and property managers across Eastern Ontario.

WMC also provides service to fully manage the chemical programs for the HVAC industry. Our corrosion and scale inhibitors for steam boilers, cooling towers, chilled water loops and glycol systems are world class and ISO 9001 standard. We have been in business since 1992 servicing the Ottawa and Toronto area. Our business has been built on our service reputation and we look forward to serving you.


Commercial Water Treatment Supplier

WMC is Ontario’s friendly supplier of the finest chemicals in water treatment. Neglecting proper water care can lead to increased electric and gas billing from inhibited heat transferring.

Scale build up on the surfaces coming in contact with water insulates the system from heat transfers- requiring the cooling system or heater to put excess effort into heating or chilling the water.

Scale and deposits are an example why you need a commercial water treatment supplier with the expertise to analyze your system and create a treatment plan catered to your unique system.

There are a number of chemicals in water treatment you can use to reduce stress and optimize your system.

Water systems are susceptible to a number of contaminants including micro biological organisms and steam contamination from foam and carry-over. In order to get rid of biological contaminants, in our commercial water treatment we use a complete line of Spectrus Microbiological Control Agents which effectively control bacteria, algae and fungi in a variety of systems, hot or cold.

Chemicals used in water treatment to control steam contamination in steam systems include our FoamTrol Anti-Foaming Agent line of treatments, which reduce foam in the system and its associated carry-over.

Protecting your system from corrosion will prevent the need for expensive repairs. Corrosion breaks down the surface of metal, causing irreversible damage. Our institutional water treatment solutions prevent corrosion in metal pipes and vessels. As a trusted water treatment supplier, the chemicals we use in water treatment are reliable and safe GE products.


Institutional Water Treatment Supplier

Our specialized knowledge enables us to provide outstanding chemicals for use in institutional water treatment. We are proud to be a water treatment supplier who actively works to protect the environment. By ensuring systems are optimized for efficiency, we reduce the need for energy consumption.

At WMC we work with these responsibilities in mind to offer sound advice and outstanding products which enable our customers to well maintain their operations with ease. Our institutional water treatment products are reliable and fast acting. We provide water management solutions for a number of institutional applications including steam systems, water cooling system and closed water systems.

We also carry a product line of cleaners for deposit and drain applications. Whether you are looking for institutional water treatment for boilers, cooling systems or any closed water system, we can help.

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