WMC Services

You can choose which water treatment program that best matches your budget:

  1. All Inclusive package that includes all chemicals, labor and lab work for a fixed pre-arranged price.
  2. Regular Service where you purchase only the chemicals that you need and the service is included with the cost of the chemicals. Cost is variable to the amount of chemical used.
  3. Chemicals only: when you have the expertise to use them properly.

One Time Only Work

Do you manage a dirty piping system that you want cleaned? We can safely remove deposits such as scale and corrosion with the use of special cleaners such as surfactants, inhibited acids and chelants in:

  • Hot water heating boilers including radiator system.
  • Chilled water systems.
  • Steam boilers including steam and condensate lines.
  • Centrifugal chillers including the evaporator and condenser sides.
  • Cooling towers and evaporative coolers.
  • Air handling units and air washers.

Optimize Performance

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Other Services

Glycol expertise: Why spend thousands of dollars replacing glycol? We have state of the art technology that can restore old glycol that is badly fouled with suspended and dissolved iron.

Corrosion Analysis: Want to know the rate of metal loss inside your piping systems? We have new technology that can measure the rate of corrosion in a loop over a 30, 60, 90 and 120 day period using our portable corrosion coupon rack.

How WMC Can Help You?

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Discover WMC's


The environmentally friendly all-organic corrosion inhibitor for chilled water and hot water heating systems. Go Green at a lower cost.

RediFeed System

A WMC exclusive! Modernizes the chemical injection of cooling towers and steam boilers. Convenient and easy to transport!

Ask how we can Custom Design a GREEN$AVE Solution for you!