Chemicals in Water Treatment

A number of chemicals are involved in the water treatment process. Depending on your system and water usage, the appropriate treatment will vary. Institutional and commercial water systems require regular maintenance with chemicals, as well as occasional system cleaning. Many factors in the water determine how efficient your operation will run.

These include, but are not limited to, pH ranges, foam, microorganisms, and elements such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, iron and calcium. The levels of these factors need to be adjusted to suit the waters usage such as a boiler, cooling system and manufacturing.

At WMC Water Management Consultants Inc. we offer cost effective solutions to your water treatment needs. The various chemicals to use in water treatment that we offer include oxygen scavengers, pH conditioners, resin cleaners, scale inhibitors, oxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam control, microbiological control and all-in-one maintenance mixes.

Chemicals in water treatment are used to maximize the efficiency of a water system, while minimizing the chances of future problems.

Prior to delving into our full line of chemicals in water treatment, water must be pre-treated to ensure the conditions are suitable for the treatment to take effect. The conditions in the water must be just right before further treatment. The main factor to consider is the water’s pH level.

Chemicals in water treatment will not react properly unless the water is in the appropriate pH range. As a stable buffer to bring water to the correct levels, we carry the CORRSHIELD® BT4301.

This liquid treatment will quickly bring water to the optimal pH range for most chemicals in water treatment: 8.8 to 9.5. Our all-in-one chemicals in water treatment provide a scope of protection for water systems. For example, the OPTIGUARD line of boiler layup treatments prevents corrosion, prevents oxygen pitting and ensures the passivation of iron on surfaces. In addition, the molybdate ingredient, as present in many of our products, allows for convenient and easy pH level testing in the future.

The all-in-one treatment is a great solution for all over maintenance, but for more specific concerns or cleaning products, we carry an extensive product mix.

As a full service water management company, we provide specialized consultation as well as the products you need to carry out full system maintenance. Our chemicals in water treatment are effective and easy to use.

To speak to a friendly and knowledgeable water treatment professional, call our main office at (613) 860-3962. We look forward to working with you!

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