Commercial Water Treatment Supplier

Through our commitment to providing quality and cost-efficient solutions to our commercial and industrial clients, WMC Water Management Consultants Inc. has grown to be a leading commercial water treatment supplier in Canada. Since 1992, we’ve worked with the same commitment to delivering honest, expert advice with products that work. At WMC we are proud to be a commercial water treatment supplier who provides outstanding products that reduce our clients operating costs as well as improving the safety of their water systems.

Keep your water system running at its best to prevent a number of problems and unnecessary expenditure. The first step is to find a trusted commercial water treatment supplier to advise your best plan of action. That's why we're here. Through WMC you can enjoy fewer utility expenses, reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment life span.

From our years of service, we understand the challenges that present themselves in a wide scope of institutional and commercial water treatment applications. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will work with you to decide on a specific treatment plan catered to your situation. As a full service commercial water treatment supplier, we provide both a consultation service to advise water treatments as well as the products you need to carry out the treatment.

Our solutions are environmentally conscious to reduce energy consumption. By optimizing heat transferring abilities, we significantly reduce the need for excess electricity and gas in your facility. In addition, we carry a number of treatments that we call Green$ave Solutions which enable clients to save money and the environment.

A Commercial Water Treatment Supplier with a Wide Scope of Services

Treating industrial water is accomplished by implementing a specific chemical treatment plan. Whatever the water’s contaminants, we can prescribe an effective treatment to remove impurities. Few commercial water treatment suppliers provide the comprehensive scope of product solutions as WMC offers. We have products designed to optimize closed water systems such as boilers and coolers. Our products ensure that your systems are running their best by preventing problems such as corrosion, steam contamination and scale build up.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and custom treatment plans. If you are looking for a commercial water treatment supplier that will provide you honest service and valuable product solutions, call WMC Water Management Consultants Inc. today at (613) 860-3962. We look forward to optimizing your water system and finding a treatment solution ideal for your operation!

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The environmentally friendly all-organic corrosion inhibitor for chilled water and hot water heating systems. Go Green at a lower cost.

RediFeed System

A WMC exclusive! Modernizes the chemical injection of cooling towers and steam boilers. Convenient and easy to transport!

Ask how we can Custom Design a GREEN$AVE Solution for you!