Institutional Water Treatment

Companies with institutional water systems have a responsibility to well maintain their operations, both to avoid safety hazards and to reduce operating costs. At WMC we work with these responsibilities in mind to offer sound advice and outstanding products which enable our customers to well maintain their operations with ease. Our institutional water treatment products are reliable and fast acting.

We provide water management solutions for a number of institutional applications including steam systems, water cooling system and closed water systems. We also carry a product line of cleaners for deposit and drain applications. Whether you are looking for institutional water treatment for boilers, cooling systems or any closed water system, we can help.

Institutional water treatment will allow your system to run more efficiently than ever. Water can have damaging effects on systems, especially those operating at extreme temperatures. Problems can be caused by corrosion, scaling, contaminants and foaming. Institutional water treatment can protect the integrity of the water system by preventing these problems from occurring. Various treatments are available depending on the conditions of the application and desired results.

Our institutional water treatment comes in three different packages depending on your budget. You may choose an all-inclusive package with lab work, chemicals and labour for a pre-arranged, fixed price; regular service involving purchasing of the chemicals you need with service included; or purchasing of only the chemicals you need.

The latter institutional water treatment option is only available to those with the expertise to properly handle and implement the products. Many of our chemicals are liquid, which involves a safer application than dry soda mixes which are hazardous to inhale. Institutional water treatment products may be added directly to your closed water system through a feeder or chemical pump. For even mixing and maximum effect ensure to add the chemicals to a location with good circulation.

In addition to our institutional water treatment services, we provide system cleaning to safely remove deposits and corrosion from surfaces. Deposits on the surface of your water system can inhibit heat exchange, thus reducing efficiency while raising operating costs. It is important to perform regular cleaning to prevent any excess expenses. We carry a product mix of drain and deposit cleaners including surfactants, inhibited acids and chelants.

These treatments are useful for a number of applications including radiators, cooling systems, steam systems and air handling units.

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